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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Activities

Family Night with Friends

The Grimmett's invited us over for a Gingerbread House Family Night again this year. First we acted out the nativity. Maisey was the cutest Mary, Porter was Joseph, & Peyton was a Shepherd.

The daddy's were the wise men.
Then onto decorating gingerbread houses. Last year, the Grimmett's had the disaster house, and this year...
WE DID! We couldn't get it to stay up for the life of us! I don't think Porter minded because he got to eat it right away! All right, Maughan's, it's your turn next year to have the disaster gingerbread house:)

Candy Cane Party

My friend Laura put together the cutest Christmas Party for kids! The theme was Candy Canes. Hudson enjoyed decorating and then eating a Candy Cane cookie. (Notice the drool covering the front of his shirt. I thought I was waaaaay over the drooling phase, but Hudson is getting his 2 yr old molars & it has been super painful for him. Poor guy!)
Porter painting a Candy Cane Ornament.
Showing off their Reindeer Candy Canes they made. Thanks Laura, for a super fun party!

Gymnastics Performance

Porter has been enjoying gymnastics again this year. He LOVES to show me his "tricks"!
Bear Crawl- but for Porter, it's more like the Bear Sprint! He is so stinkin fast!
Speaking of fast, I had a hard time getting any pictures because he was so fast doing all of his "tricks"! He has no fear and does not hesitate at all... and he always says he wants to do it himself. Mr. Independent!