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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

We're Outta Here!

By 8:20 am tomorrow, me and my little boys will be on a plane flying to Utah to visit my family. We're always sad to leave Brandon, but someone's gotta work, right? My parents have a ton of things planned for the two weeks we are there, so Porter is super excited to visit and I think Hudson will just be glad to go along for the ride. I'm already behind on posting pics, but I probably won't post any until after I get back, so until then.... see ya later!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bad News & Good News

Bad News: I'm not going to run in the half-marathon this Saturday.

Good News: I'm pregnant!

So, the whole story is I just had my first Dr. appt. and I told him what I was planning on doing on Saturday (running 13.1 miles, that is). There are lots of reasons why he said he wouldn't recommend that: it's going to be hot that day, I've never ran a half marathon before, he just doesn't know how my body will react to running that long while pregnant, and he said I could feel totally fine the whole time running, but then have issues later. My #1 priority is a healthy pregnancy and baby, so of course I'm going to take my Dr.'s advice. (I just try not to think of all the work and long training runs I did to not be able to meet my goal of running a half marathon!)

I'm still going to run through this pregnancy. I ran through both my other pregnancies and I felt so good doing that. I'm just going to do shorter, more normal runs:)

BTW- We will be really excited to welcome this little bundle of joy in January! (and I'm trying not to think about the fact that I will have 3 kids 3 years old and under for awhile!!) It's gonna be crazy, but so worth it!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

"Jesus told me..."

We've been talking to Porter about things that Jesus has told us not to eat, like coffee. He notices coffee commercials and he will say "That's not good for me. Jesus told me not to eat it." I was glad he was understanding this concept.... until now. Here is how our daily dinner conversation goes now:

Porter: "Jesus told me not to eat (fill in the blank with whatever we are eating that night)."

Me: " Jesus wants us to eat good food that is good for our bodies. He doesn't want us to eat food that is bad for us. Mommy only makes food that is good for us, so you need to eat your dinner."

Porter: "But Jesus doesn't want me to eat it."

It's hard to argue with a very picky 3 yr old!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Beach Day!

So, I finally figured out if I load each pic one at a time, then it works! (not that I want to do that every time I post, so I still want to figure out what's going on. But at least I can post some pictures!)

We took a day trip to the beach with some of our friends for Memorial Day. It was so much fun! The day consisted of throwing frisbees, picnics, a candy store, kite flying, geocaching, Mo's, and of course playing in the sand and water! Porter loved, loved, loved it! (although you wouldn't tell it by this picture. I think he was crying because he wanted me to let go of him so he could go play some more.)

It was cold, but that didn't stop this little guy! When I told him we were going to the beach, he couldn't stop talking about it! When we pulled in to Lincoln City I told Porter we were here, but we were going to go to a candy store, first. He told me he didn't want to go to the candy store, he wanted to go to the beach! What child doesn't want to go to a candy store?!?

Hudson wasn't as enthusiastic as Porter was about the whole beach thing. The sand was hard to walk on & he didn't like the water, so he was content sitting with the adults. Eventually, he got used to the sand and played with the sand toys we brought.

Porter was all grins when he was flying his Buzz Light Year kite. He did a great job, I was impressed!

Give Hudson some food, & he's a happy camper!