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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Daddy's getting old:)

Brandon had his 34th Birthday on Sunday! On Saturday night, we went on a date and got Sushi for dinner, Cheesecake Factory for dessert & rented a movie to watch at home. I am so addicted to sushi! I love it! And this place that we went (Sushi Hana) had the track & we got to pick what we wanted from the track. Yum!
On Saturday night, Brandon got to open his gift from Brody. It was a Utes tie that he could wear to church on Sunday! Brody sure knows what Daddy likes:) 

 Sunday after church, we finished opening presents. Hudson got him a Vocal Point CD, Porter got him The Hunger Games blu ray, and I got him tickets to go to a Murder Mystery Dinner! We go in October & we are so excited!
Brandon's brother and family and his mom came over for a summer BBQ dinner & Kim's famous chocolate cake!
Happy Birthday, honey! I'm sooooo glad you are older than me:)

Family Movie Night

Last Friday night we went to the Wilsonville Movies in the Park. The Lorax was playing. None of us had seen that movie, so we were all excited! It was a fun family time (even though Brody didn't get into the movie. What do you expect? He's 19 months old!) The movie was cute, and we all had a great time!

Utah trip #3!

The day after Brandon's football game, we left for Utah... AGAIN! That's 3 times this summer! No wonder it's been such a CRAZY summer for me! This trip wasn't even planned until well into the summer. My dad called me with a great idea. They would come up to Oregon for Brandon's football game, then help me drive back to Utah (like we always do) to go to Education Week! 
I was soooooo excited to go to Education Week! The only thing I was nervous for was leaving all three of my kids for 5 days! They got to hang out with my Aunt Rachelle's kids (their actually my cousins) at their house in Layton. My Aunt has 5 kids, her 3 youngest are boys my boys' ages, so it worked out perfectly! My Aunt came to Education week, also, so she had the gal the lives with them & helps with her kids bring her sister over to help with my kids. I shouldn't have worried. The girls did an awesome job taking care of my kids, and my kids had an absolute BLAST playing with cousins!
And me, I had just as much fun going to Education Week at BYU! I was in classes for 12 hours a day! Then in the evenings, we went to the concerts they had available! (And of course we made it to the Creamery for ice cream one night!) I was exhausted physically & spiritually by the time the week was over! My family decided we are going to try to make it to Education Week every year.
On Friday night, I picked my kids up and Saturday morning, we headed for Lagoon! Since we had season passes, we couldn't pass up going there one last time! My kids can't get enough of it!

Brody & Grandpa on The Odysea... Brody looks so tiny!
Brody entertained himself any way he could on the ride home.My kids have been troopers driving in the car that long and that many times! Porter & Hudson are pretty easy to entertain with movies in the car, but Brody just doesn't get into movies yet. He is still so so so good! And so so so stinkin cute!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hudson's little owie

WARNING! These pictures are not for the faint at heart! You may not want to look!
Told you so!

So, last night, Brandon was at church meetings. I was at home with the kids. We had just finished playing with the marble race when I decided to put Brody down for bed. I told Porter & Hudson that they could keep playing while I put Brody down. When I came out, they were still playing in the play room, but they were playing like any other brothers would be... wrestling. I didn't think anything of it, because that is a daily occurrence in our house. A few min. later, I heard the crying & Porter comes running in to me saying he didn't mean to do it. Then I saw Hudson walking toward me & I got squeamish!
I called Brandon & told him to come home. I wasn't sure what to do with it, so I just put a wet wash cloth on it. Evidently, he hit his knee on the wall mirror where we have plastic brackets to hold it on the wall. We got a few opinions from some nurses Brandon works with, his brother who is a medic, and a guy who is in our ward and is a N.P. came over to look at it. They all said Hudson would most likely need stitches. So off to the ER we went. Luckily we have some awesome friends that stayed at our house with our sleeping kids so we could both go. Hudson was such a brave tough little kid! He even smiled when we took a picture of him at the hospital!
Getting our bracelets on. Hudson thought it was cool that he got to wear a green bracelet and this morning, he asked where it was because he said if he put it on, it would help him feel better:)
All I can say it ewe!
A not-so-happy camper:(
The doc said he could do stitches or steri-strips. He said the steri-strips would probably be better because stitches on the knee could tear with all the movement Hudson will be doing with his knee. So we decided on steri-strips. Hudson didn't even get any numbing!
Hudson was so funny telling the doctor what happened. These are his words: "Porter punched me. He was mean. And I broke my leg!" Hahaha!
We sure love this kid!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Let's Go Lions!

Brandon played in an Alumni Football game for his High School (West Linn Lions). They played against the Oregon City Pioneers.
Brandon's #1 Fans!
He played on the O-line. #71

Brandon's cheering section! Thank you to all of our friends that came out to cheer him on & support the Foundation for Cystic Fibrosis!
It was such a fun exciting game! The lions pulled it out by one point in OT!

I'm sure this is going to become a tradition every year. I'm just glad that Brandon left the game injury free!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Crabbin at the Coast

We went to our ward camp-out at the coast, like we do every year. This year was different, though because my parents came with us (they were in town to go to Brandon's football game). On our 11th Anniversary we went crabbing. It was so. much. fun!
Brandon and my dad took turns driving the boat & pulling up the pots.
My mom & I made sure the kiddos didn't go overboard:)
While we were out on the water, we found a bunch of seals lying on the beach! So cool to see!
Brody was brave enough to hold a crab just his size!
Hudson saw this crab car there & thought it was so funny!