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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Like father, like son...

We have been having really crummy weather here in Oregon, but we got lucky with a couple very nice days last weekend. We took advantage of this nice weather. I think Porter only came inside the entire weekend to eat and sleep! Dad and Uncle Tim were playing football on one of these nice days and Porter thought it would be fun to join in (he loves balls). He would stand right in front of Brandon and wait patiently until Brandon would give him the ball (he can't catch it yet) and then he would throw it back to Brandon. One of the times Porter had the football, he tripped over it and got high-centered on the ball! It was the funniest thing I saw all week! Then Brandon decided to teach Porter how to hike the ball. We will have to get a smaller football for Porter if he wants to learn how to hike!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Easter 2008

Porter really got the hang of Easter Egg Hunts. We took him to a community Easter egg hunt on Saturday. We had one at our house on Sunday, and then Grandma and Grandpa Hoopes had one at their house! He loved to pick up an egg and open it up, but he didn't ever want to put his eggs in the basket. He was content with whatever he had in his hands!

Exciting News!

It is true. Porter is going to be a big brother and we are adding on to our family! The blessed event will take place around the beginning of November. I told Porter he has a lot of growing up to do from now until then!

Let them eat cake!

Porter did not know what to think of us putting a whole cake in front of him. We actually had to urge him to eat it! Brandon wanted to stick Porter's whole face in it! I wouldn't let him! Porter finally thought it was a yummy thing to eat!

Porter's 1st Birthday!!!

We had a blast at Porter's Birthday party. It was fun to have friends and family join in the celebration. I don't know how excited Porter was about opening his presents. He just enjoyed all of the attention he got!