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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Rare Sighting

I told Brandon to take a picture of Porter and I because he is not a snuggler and usually will not sit still for more than a couple seconds! I guess the day was catching up to him since he didn't get a nap and was playing like crazy!


For Memorial Day we went down to Salem where Brandon's brother lives. Porter loved playing with his cousins, Jordyn and Morgan. They were being silly!

Zoo Trip

Porter had a fun time looking at all the different animals, but his favorite during this trip were the sea lions. They are huge!!! And they would swim right up to Porter. I'm actually surprised that they didn't scare Porter!

Zoo Trip

After we were done at the Children's Museum, we decided to head over to the zoo (it is across the parking lot from the Children's Museum). It ended up being a nice day to be outside. We haven't taken Porter to the zoo since last Fall, so it was time. This time, we bought a season pass so we can go as much as we want! (as long as the weather cooperates...)

Children's Museum

Children's Museum

We didn't go anywhere for Memorial Day Weekend because Brandon was on call, so we decided to take Porter to the Children's Museum. I have taken him before, but this was Brandon's first time. It was so fun to just watch Porter and see what he would do.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Whose child are you???

I thought this was the funniest thing. I gave Porter a popcicle to eat and he would not hold it by the stick! He had to hold it by the popcicle part! I tried and tried to get him to hold the stick so that he could eat the popcicle easier, but to no avail. What a nut! I guess that's why I love him so much!

Lazy Summer (almost) Day

The weather is crazy here in Portland. We go from temperatures way below normal most of the spring to temperatures way above normal. I'm not complaining about having some hot weather, because it is long overdue. Porter loved cooling off in his little pool.

Go Porter!

I guess I am just being a proud mom, but I was so impressed that Porter could stack the blocks like this. We have had these blocks since Porter was a couple months old and I would try to get him to play with them, but he never seemed interested. And then one day, I was shocked to see that he picked them out of his toy box and started making towers! I realize this probably isn't that interesting, but I was proud of Porter!

Cinco De Mayo

We have never really celebrated Cinco de Mayo before, but this year for family night we decided to head downtown to the waterfront and see what the city of Portland had to offer for Cinco de Mayo. It was mostly food vendors- which wasn't a bad thing, and they had little shops and rides. We mostly liked eating the food and just looking around at the little shops. Porter was content staying in his stroller (which usually doesn't happen). He liked watching all of the people, too. He's just kicked back and relaxed in his stroller!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

What I do in a day...

...about an hour later...

What I do in a day...

....about an hour later.....

What I do in a day...

Lately, Porter has been very interested in "fixing" things. He notices daddy using his tools, and wants to do the same. Here, Porter is fixing the fence with a pen (see previous post). He was so focused on this task and it kept his attention for an amazing amount of time. I guess sometimes he does stop running around!

What I do in a day...

Basically anything Brandon or I do in a day, Porter likes to do in a day. He loves wearing my shoes, and he is learning how to get around in them. He has been obsessed with pens for a long time. If he sees anyone with a pen, he has to have it. He is also obsessed with cell phones (and has been for a long time!) Forget the toy cell phones, though. But what really gets us is we will give him an old real cell phone, and he doesn't want that one. We can't trick him! He's too smart! It has to be a working cell phone, which can cause problems, because he will call people!

What I do in a day...

Porter keeps busy during the day by finding many ways to occupy his time. Being a superhero is one of those ways. Although, I know that he wishes he could really fly!