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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Eagle Ridge

Vacation #2 this summer was in Central Oregon at Eagle Ridge with Brandon's fam. We spent most of our time by the pool soaking up the rays:

But we were also able to sneak in a few more activities like:

Bike riding. This was the coolest family bike!

Wii Dancing!

Movie Time

18 holes of Miniature Golf (between Brandon and I, we spent most of our time getting the balls back onto the green!)

The Pit of Despair, as we called it!

We even had company on the course.

More swimming in the jacuzzi bath:)

By the time our week was over, we were ready to have a vacation from our vacation!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Utah Trip: Lagoon!

We look forward to going to Lagoon every summer we visit Grandma & Grandpa Perry. This was Hudson's first year to be able to ride the rides! He didn't know what to think at first, but quickly decided this was something fun!

Porter, of course, remembered how fun it is right away. He remembered this ride from last year. I think it's one of his favorites! He is one brave kid, because it is a free-fall ride!

Hudson looked so cute waiting for the roller coaster to start!

We all love this octopus ride. That's Grandma with Hudson, & behind them was Grandpa with Porter.

I think they tried every possible ride they could ride on!

Taking a break to ride the train & see some animals.
We also spent a good portion of the day at Lagoon-A-Beach, but I didn't take any pictures. I was having way too much fun! :)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Utah Trip: 4th of July & Ice Cream

You can't celebrate a 4th of July without going to a parade! Porter & Hudson waiting patiently for it to start.
When the parade started, Porter was poised and ready to run & get the candy! He was sooooooo cute!
Hudson, on the other hand, sat on the curb and waited until Porter would put some in his bag! Haha! I thought this was so funny! It's a good thing he has a very nice big brother that shared all his candy!

That night we stayed up for fireworks. Look at that super cute smile!

Porter loves his Grandma Perry, can ya tell?
I just had to add this picture! Hudson thoroughly enjoyed his homemade icecream! Yum!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Utah Trip: Fishin'

When Grandpa told Porter he was going to take him fishing, Porter was sooooooo excited!
He did a good job being patient with the fishing pole, but Grandpa still ended up throwing in fish food to get 'em to bite!
Hudson loved seeing the fish, but was DANGEROUS with a fishing pole...
until we removed the hook! Fish-away, Hudson!

Porter was so proud of his catch!
But he wouldn't touch the thing!

Grandpa even caught a fish for Hudson, but I think Hudson was more interested in the pole than the actual fish!
We ate the fish for dinner that night, & I was surprised that Porter tried it and even more surprised that he said he liked it! Thanks Grandpa, for the fun fishin' trip!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Utah Trip: Swimming & 1st Haircuts

When we visit Grandma & Grandpa Perry, we always visit the pool that's right next to their house. There's all kinds of water fun there, but Porter & Hudson have played it safe & just stuck to the small frog slide. Maybe one of these years I'll get them to venture to some of the more exciting features at the pool!

Hudson's 1st Haircut!
I let Grandma do the honors, since she knows what she is doing!

How cute!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Utah Trip: Airplanes & Dinosaurs

Porter was so excited to fly on an airplane this year. We fly to Utah every year, but this was the first year he really remembered & talked about it non-stop! They both loved watching the airport scene while waiting for our own flight.
Happy to FINALLY be on the plane! Thanks, Porter, for making sure Hudson was looking at the camera!
Once in Utah, Grandma & Grandpa Perry had a fun-filled two weeks planned for us. We spent the fist weekend camping in Wyoming where 3 of my brothers were working at a scout camp. Porter was sooooo excited to see his uncles. (and I guess I didn't take any pictures... ooops!)

Porter LOVED the Dinosaur Park!
Hudson was a little unsure!

They sure had fun! Thanks Grandma for taking us there!