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Thursday, January 26, 2012

More Partyin '

Porter and 3 of his friends from his Primary class have Birthday's within a week of each other, so the moms decided to throw a big Birthday Party for all of them! (unfortunately one of the Birthday Boys couldn't be there.) We had the Party at John's Incredible Pizza (it's like Chucky Cheese, but waaaay better!)
Big 5 year old boys!
After food, cupcakes, and presents, it was time to play, play, and play some more...

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Guess who ELSE had a BiRtHDaY?

Our Porter did! He turned 5 today!And this birthday has been as hard for me as Brody's 1st birthday. My baby is five and going to school next year... I just can't think about it or I start to get teary! Anyways, back to the "Happy" in Happy Birthday. As soon as Brandon & I woke up, we went into his room to sing Happy Birthday, and before we could even start singing, he yelled "It's my Birthday!" He has been so  excited for his birthday to come. Porter is the last of his brothers to have a Birthday during our "Birthday Streak". I let him choose what he wanted for breakfast, and he chose pop-up pancakes with bananas and blueberries. I added a birthday touch with sprinkles and a candle!
After breakfast he talked us into letting him open one of his presents. I figured it was going to be torture enough for him to wait all the way until tonight to open presents, so we let him open one. He opened Grandma Perry's present... drill and screws game. He loved playing with it today!
Then Porter (and my other two) got to go play at a friends house while I did some shopping kid-free (thanks Emily!). We stopped at Walmart on our way home and I let Porter get some of the things that he normally asks me for and I say no to, like strawberry milk! I figured this is his one special day. He chose McDonald's for lunch. Then for quiet time, instead of playing quietly in the playroom, I let him watch a movie and play on the Wii. I think he felt pretty special today!
Tonight we had a family party and Grandma Hoopes came over. And finally, he got to open the rest of his presents!!!
Brandon got him a Mater Wii game (didn't get a pic)
I got him some Scooby Doo readers...
Brody got him a Crayola Glow Dome...
Hudson got him Mater and Lightning McQueen bath toys...
Grandma Hoopes got him a Knight dress up...
and an Armor of God picture...
And we all got him a new bike!
Yep, he was spoiled!
And I'm still having a hard time with the reality that this sweet, energetic, loving, creative, funny boy is 5!

We are almost done with our crazy Birthday streak. Me, my dad, Brody, Porter, and last my mom has a birthday the last day of January. It makes for a crazy month! I'm hoping February will be a little more calm...

Friday, January 13, 2012

Guess who had a BiRtHdaY?

Our Brody did! He had his First Birthday on Friday the 13th! And am I happy about it? Not at all! I don't like celebrating my kids' First Birthdays because that means my babies are growing up(sniff, sniff). I have really really really enjoyed Brody as a baby. He is such an easy baby that he has allowed me to. AND I know they grow soooooo fast, so I told myself that I was going to worry less about everything else going on and just enjoy this stage. And I have!
It's a good thing Brody has two older brothers to help him open his presents:)

This is the cake I made for Brody. It's actually two standard size cupcakes and four minis.
These are the cupcakes I made for everyone else.
And here's the cute cake pics.