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Friday, January 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Porter!!

Porter is a big boy! He turned two! We had a Cars party. I even attempted making a birthday cake for him! Thanks to a kit with excellent step-by-step directions, it turned out! I hated to eat it, because it was so cute!

Make a wish!

Porter's friends had fun eating cake, playing with play-doh and silly puddy, coloring, and playing in the toy room. They had a blast, but Porter missed his friends that couldn't come:(

We crammed a lot of people in our house! I'm glad we can accomodate this many people, even though it was crowded. Brandon said that he counted about 30 people total!

Havin' Fun!

It's just another day at the Hoopes'. Playing and having fun!

My two boys being silly.

Porter showing off his new slippers.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Funny Faces

Silly Hudson!

Makin' a Gingerbread House

It's going to be a tradition in our house to make a gingerbread house every year for Christmas. We didn't get to make one for Christmas this year, so I bought one after Christmas on sale. Porter had a lot of fun. If I would have let him, he would have tried to eat the whole thing!

Climbing Maniac

I walk into the room, and this is what I see... we are in trouble! Porter loves to climb on anything and everything. And he doesn't get scared! I'm surprised we haven't been to the Emergency Room yet!

I'm two months old!

Oh, so cute!

Hudson's Blessing

How handsome he is!

Catching up... Christmas!

We celebrated Christmas a few days late, because I wanted to be in our house for Christmas. I figured Porter wouldn't know the difference! This is Porter after he woke up and saw what Santa had brought him.

Hudson's First Chrsitmas... just chillin' in his new bumbo.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The boy's room...

My family has been dying to see pictures of the boy's room. They knew that we painted it, but I'm sure it's been hard to visualize. I decided I better at least post these pictures before they get mad at me!

Porter's big boy bed- surprisingly he does well sleeping in it. It's a good thing we got it because Porter climbs in and out of the crib, anyways!

Wall with the closet on the left and their bathroom on the right.

I'm so glad this room had a built-in bookcase! As you can see, we pretty much use the whole thing. That's what happens when you are a preschool teacher and start collecting children's books long before you have children of your own!

One room done- the rest of the house to do. It's gonna take awhile to get everything done that we want to do to this house! The question I have is, will I ever feel like everything is done or will there always be something else we want to do to the house?

I'm back!

When it rains, it pours! We got moved into our house (later than we wanted because of the darned snowy weather). My family barely made it with roads closing everywhere. They even made it into the Oregonian because they stopped at Multnomah Falls on the way here and there was a photographer there. Something weird happened and I wasn't able to sign-in to my blog to post and check other blogs. And then our wireless card went on the fritz. We just got our internet back and I figured out why blogger wasn't letting me sign-in to my blog, actually Brandon figured it out. Anyway, I am going to try to catch up with what we have been doing. We have been very busy with the move, Christmas, Hudson's blessing, house stuff, and right now I am trying to plan Porter's birthday party for this Saturday. Busy, busy, busy! I didn't realize how hard it is to live without internet!!!