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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Family Time

Porter, Hudson, and I tagged along to two family reunions while we were visiting. First we went to my dad's family reunion in Vernal. We had a blast rafting down the Green River. It was Porter, me, my dad, and one of my brother's, Ryan. My mom was awesome to stay with Hudson. We had lunch on the river and there were plenty of water fights. We ended up with 4-5 other kids in our raft, because ours was the only dry one. Some of the younger kiddos didn't appreciate the cold water, and I didn't think Porter would, either, so we designated our boat a dry boat. (I didn't get any pictures. I didn't want to risk a ruined camera!)

Back at camp, we had a lot of fun playing, chatting, and catching up with family that we hadn't seen for awhile. Great Grandpa Perry made a scavenger hunt for the little ones. At the end, everyone found a balsa wood plane. Porter loved it while it lasted. (they are very fragile and break easily)
Porter loves his Grandpa Perry!
Getting a turn on the trike. The thing was too big for Porter and he couldn't make it move, but he tried and tried!
Porter REALLY enjoyed the corn on the cob, can you tell?
What cute babies! Hudson chillin' with my cousin Jayden. They are only a month a part.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

I need one of these...

While in Utah, we visited Grandpa's chiropractic office. Grandpa strapped Porter into this thing, and Porter didn't know what to think! I think it would be a great time out place! Can I get one of those, dad? Thanks for the adjustments, also!

Hot Summer Days = Swimming

We went swimming at this FUN pool a lot while we were visiting Grandma and Grandpa. I like it because it is good for all ages. Hudson LOVED crawling around in the shallow water and Porter liked exploring all of the fun things to do. He has been afraid of the water this year (go figure!) and he went down this frog slide once, and then wouldn't do it again. Silly guy!
Hudson as happy as he can be.
He looks like he's crying here, but he wasn't. He would crawl right up to this fire hydrant, and try to stand up, but the water would spray right in his face! It was funny to watch!
Grandma helped Porter swing on the rope. Thanks, Grandma!

"Big Airplane!"

This time when we flew to Utah, Porter was really excited to fly on a big airplane (as you can tell by the picture). This is his 3rd time flying, but the first time he really understood what we were doing. I was nervous flying with a 2 1/2 yr old and a 9 mo old, but they were both really good on both flights. I have the best kids ever!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I'm back!

It has been way too long since my last post! Our wireless card broke again and there were some mix ups with ordering a new one, so I haven't had internet for like 3 weeks! I have been going crazy! I thought after I got back from my trip, things would start slowing down, but they definitely didn't. Between swim lessons, potty training, our anniversary, Brandon's birthday, re-house training a dog, and two visits to the hospital, we have been very busy!

The two visits to the hospital were not very fun. Brandon had problems with his gall bladder and ended up needing it taken out. His surgery was scheduled for the 20th. The night before his surgery, Porter decided to bang his head on our rocking chair. It was bleeding a lot (like all head wounds do), so I decided just to be safe, we better take him to the ER. Brandon came home from young men's so we could go to the ER. It has been the family joke that even though Porter is such a little dare devil, he hasn't been to the ER yet! Well, now we don't have to joke about that anymore! Luckily Porter didn't need stitches. They used steri-strips and super glue. And as you can see by the picture, he was still his happy self (that might have been due to the fact that we got ice cream after we were done at the ER!)
Brandon after his surgery. All went well, even though he was pretty loopy from all of the drugs! We were lucky that he was able to go home that same day! I just laugh to think that we were at the hospital two days in a row! I think they know us by first name, now!
Brandon's parents watched Porter and Hudson while we were at the hospital, and this is what we came home to...
Porter decided to tattoo his whole body! The silly kid convinced grandma that it was okay to take a nap on mommy and daddy's bed. Well, of course he didn't sleep, and he had a hayday getting into things! Luckily his body was all Porter decided to decorate! What a nut!

I am going to catch up on my blogging slowly. I still have all the pics from our Utah trip to post, so keep watching and don't get too confused, because they won't be in order.