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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Holy Birthday, Batman!

This Birthday Boy wanted to have a Batman Party, so that's what he got! I made this shirt for him to wear on his special day!
The Invitations
The Decorations

Background for pictures
Shoot the Villian
As each child came in, they got a mask & put the Batman cape on & I took their picture lifting a heavy barbell. They were training to be Batman's helpers!
The Food

After everyone showed how strong they were, they needed to show how good their aim was. They shot darts at all of Batman's Villain's.

Then they had to show that they could sound like Superheroes. They had to jump & pop all of the balloons.
After all of their training, they were ready for their mission. Mr. Freeze froze Batman & Robin! Their mission was to unfreeze them using water guns!
This kept them busy for a long time!

Finally they freed Batman & Robin! Success!
We sang to Porter.
Then they ate some yummy food!

And a Birthday Party would not be complete without presents!

The whole crew.
I would call that a Birthday success! It was easy to plan, & so fun to put together! And now I have a looong break from Birthdays.... 7 months to be exact! Phew!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Birthday Fun!

We had an all-day celebration for Porter's birthday! It started with Porter's choice for breakfast: Cookie Crisp!
It was soooo nice because we just relaxed all. day. long! Porter got to pick out 2 movies & a treat. First we watched The Amazing Spider Man while eating Spider Man Gummies:)

Then we played games.
Then we watched Ice Age: Continental Drift. (And we LOVED having Daddy home all day!)
After torturing Porter all day, we finally opened presents!
Batman cartoons
Avengers puzzle

Porter's first chapter books!
I let Hudson open a present, too.
Batman coin purse
Karate Kid

Legos! Hudson was just as excited as Porter!
The Alien Mothership
Grandma Perry felt sorry for Hudson, also, so she got him a present:)
Magnet Science for school & Spot It Jr. game

What in the world is this???

Surprise! It is the shoulder rest to his new violin!
It's new to him, but it's actually my violin I used when I was 6!
How cute!
And look at that happy face! He has been asking for a violin for a long time!
And our perfect day ended with banana splits.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Happy Birthday Porter!

This big guy is 6!
He is the happiest person I know!
He loves life!
He has an out-going personality just like his dad!
He is the BEST big brother! He loves and helps take care of his little brothers.
He is all boy! Mud, wrestling, bugs, climbing, superheroes, that's what he's all about!
Porter is doing excellent in school. He is reading really well, learns & knows sight words like nobodies business, and has a natural talent for math. He just gets it! He must have gotten that from me, a former participator in math clubs & bee's. Did I just put that on my blog that I used to be in a math club??? I definitely wouldn't own up to that in person:) Anyways, back to Porter. Porter told me that his favorite subject is math. When Porter visited my mom & dad & went to school with my mom, she said that he was doing math that some of her first graders couldn't even figure out! What a smarty pants!

Happy 6th Birthday, Porter! We are sooooo glad you are in our family! We love you so much!