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Sunday, February 19, 2012


I'm super late getting this posted, but it is still post-worthy, so here it is. I took this picture on Jan. 1, 2012 before church. Wanna know why we have our hands in the air and are yelling "Yay!"? Because of this:
  • Church was at 8:00am in 2011
  • Daddy was and still is in the Bishopric and he had to leave @ 5:45am to get to his meetings 
  • Our sweet Brody was born the very beginning of 2011
Still wondering why we are yelling "Yay!"?

Because we did it! We made it to church ON TIME every. single. Sunday. last year. We had to be out the door at 7:40 to get there and have a few minutes to get in our seats. I had to get myself and THREE kids ready by 7:40 all by myself. AND one of the said children was a NEWBORN!!!! That was no small feat! When I look back at last year, I don't really know how I did it, but I now know that it can be done!

Once at church, the challenges didn't end, though. Sacrament meeting itself was and still is a huge challenge. Me, sitting on a bench with three small but very, very active boys. It almost seems impossible to keep three little kids sitting and quiet for over an hour. But once again, we did it! For the most part, my kids have done an amazing job! I didn't say it's easy, and I am exhausted by the time the meeting is over, but it hasn't been as challenging as I thought it would be. I seriously thought I would be out in the hall wandering around with three kids for the hour and ten minutes of Sacrament Meeting, every Sunday. Nope, not the case. I have been so blessed to be able to do all of this on my own. And I know that I'm really not doing it all on my own. I know I have had help from above:)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Sweet Hearts

I've decided that I am the luckiest woman on earth! Want to know why??? I have these three little guys to love on , AND...
this bigger guy that spoils and loves me to no end!
Yep, I'm the luckiest gal to have FOUR guys in my life!
My little sweat hearts got a Valentine treat every day this weekend (I wanted to spread out the sugar!) On Monday they got Lady and the Tramp and Brody got a Lady and the Tramp plate.

On Monday we also had our preschool Valentine party. I think the kiddos had fun because they were bouncing off the walls that day! (or maybe it was because they got to decorate cupcakes!)

(I don't know what was going on with Hudson's hair! He had horns! Haha!)

On Monday night, we had a heart pizza for dinner, then we planned on watching Lady and the Tramp for Family Night. I told Brandon to give the boys a quick bath so we could watch the movie before their bedtime. Well, Brandon called me into the bathroom a few minutes later and this is what I saw!

On Valentine's Day we did something non-traditional. I was planning on taking the kids to the zoo because they have been talking about going there for a long time, but the weather decided not to cooperate. It was freezing and rainy. Mom's always have a Plan B and mine was to go to NW Kids Club. They had so much fun!

For a special Valentine dinner, I made Brandon and I lobster. (sorry, no pic) I've never made lobster before, but it turned out really tasty! For dessert I made these:

Chocolate-covered strawberries are one of my family's all time favorite treats, me included! But I had my strawberries sans chocolate because I am on a diet:( I know, it's crazy to think of Valentine's Day without any chocolate, but it's worth it! I've lost 40 lbs! Go me!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Folks, we have a walker!

Brody decided to wait until he was 12 months to start walking, but he finally decided he wanted to keep up with his brothers!
I just LOVE babies when they are first learning how to walk! They are so stinkin cute!

Also, Brody & Porter had their Dr. appts. on Friday and here are their stats:

Weight: 38lbs (50%)
Height: 41 1/2 in. (25%)
*It is also exciting to note that Porter's asthma has been doing well. I'm hoping he's growing out of it. His doc said that we don't have to use the controller inhaler any more which is soooooo nice because he had to use it two times every day whether he was having issues or not. And at almost $100 a pop, that inhaler was expensive! Now we just have his rescue inhaler to use whenever he needs it.

Weight: 20lbs 9oz (20%)
Height: 30 1/2 in (75%)
Head: 17 1/2 in (5%) 
Hehehe, all my babies have tiny heads! I sure am thankful for that when I am delivering them:)

*Both boys are very healthy and I am so grateful for that!


Last Saturday we actually didn't have anything going on. Our Saturday's are usually just crazy! So we decided to have some fun family time at OMSI. It was so. much. fun! We ended up staying there pretty much all day, so nap time didn't happen, but it was so worth missing nap time! The kids (and the grown-ups) had a blast! Here's a bunch of pictures to show some of the things we did:

Sand box time ended when Brody started eating the sand, and then wouldn't stop!

This picture doesn't do it justice, but at the end of the day, Hudson looked like he had gone swimming in his clothes! He was soaked! I even saw him stick his head into the water at one time! But look at the smile on this kid's face! So the next time we come here, I will be bringing an extra change of clothes for my kids:)
And this pretty much sums up the day.