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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Our Family Rocks!

This year I decided to do a family theme for Halloween. Every few years I get the urge to do this. This year we were all rockers! 

Our Family Rocks!!!
We started Halloween day no other way than with tons of sugar in the form of Halloween Crunch!
We had preschool today and played with green slime, played Halloween Bingo
made a Halloween Memory game,
did pumpkin bowling,
and decorated & ate more Halloween cookies!
Brandon worked from home today & joined us for the cookie fun!
After preschool, we had quiet time & home school time and then we got ready for trick-or-treating!
These are the cutest rockers I've ever seen!

We scarfed down a pumpkin pizza, then headed to the Outlet Mall for some trick-or-treating.
We've never been trick-or-treating at the outlets before, but we really liked it!
We didn't have to walk very far between the stores, it was covered for rain, & we hit every store in one hour!

I just love this pic!
We found some of our friends there.
After we were done at the outlets, it wasn't raining, so we decided to go to a neighborhood to do even more trick-or-treating! We met up with some more friends there.
Porter & Maisey holding hands! They were so excited to see each other & were being so cute!

Hudson with his loot!
After the neighborhood, it still wasn't raining & our kids weren't having any melt-downs so we decided to go to our church's Trunk-or-Treat. By this time I didn't take any pictures & we were all getting very tired, but it was still lots of fun!

When we got home, my boys had to admire the stash they collected!
What a fun Halloween we had!

Another fun family night!

On Monday night, the boys & I made Halloween cookies.They loooove to help me in the kitchen.
Then they got to decorate 'em!
And eat 'em!

Brandon was doing this!
He & some of his friends went back to Fright Town and scared people for the night! 
Mike the zombie
Jason the mad scientist
They had sooooo much fun! And what an experience!

Sunday, October 28, 2012


We have a tradition to have dinner in a pumpkin for Halloween every year. This is the dinner we had tonight: Dinner in a pumpkin, green goblin bread & yellow goblin teeth! My boys love it! Then we had Spider Man cupcakes for Hudson's birthday!

Last Sunday we had bloody brains (meat loaf) & mashed monster guts (purple potatoes). I looooove making fun things for my kids!

Happy Birthday Hudson!

This big guy of ours turns four on Halloween! We celebrated his Birthday yesterday. I just LOVE that cheesy, dimpley smile he gives me!
We took Porter & Hudson to Hotel Transylvania.
They loved it! We loved it! It was such a good movie! It is one that we will own. I highly recommend it!
After the movie we picked up Brody & Grandma Hoopes & had a Birthday dinner at Red Robin!
Brody lovin' his chocolate milk:)
Porter intent on coloring.
The whole crew. They came & sang to Hudson & had him wear these balloons under his chin! Funny!
After the Birthday dinner we headed back to Grandma's house to open presents. All three of them got lucky with a spider-man bucket full of toys from Grandma! Thanks Grandma!
Hudson got the movie Where the Wild Things Are,

A camera just like Porter's,

Imaginets from Grandma & Grandpa Perry,

and Birthday money from Grandma Hoopes!
What a fun Birthday! 

Today was the Primary Program. It was sooooooo nice because Brandon was released from the Bishopric last week, so he was here with me this morning. We only took one car to church, he took care of Brody during the Program, and he came home with us!!!! I could get used to this! Anyways, the  Primary Program went really well. Hudson said his part good, but then had a hard time sitting still afterward. Brandon ended up taking him out. I guess we'll work on that for next year:) Porter did awesome and remembered his part just like we practiced it! His teacher didn't even need to help him! I am so proud of how he did! I love being in the Primary & working with all the children, but I have to admit, I'm glad the Program is over! It's a lot of work!