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Sunday, March 13, 2011

2 Months

My little Brody Baby is 2 months old today! He goes to the Dr. tomorrow and I am interested to see how much he has grown. I LOVE how he will just sit and "talk" to me with his sweet little cooing. It just melts my heart! I just realized I can't post a picture because Brandon has our camera. Where, do you ask, is Brandon? He is on his yearly "man trip" with my dad at the National Wrestling Tournament in Philly, PA. He is going to be gone a whole week because they are spending a couple days in NYC. I am here holding down the fort by myself. Go ahead, you can feel sorry for me. Brandon's usually gone a lot between work and church, but what's going to be the hardest for me is not being able to hand Brody off in the evening when he gets home, or shewing Porter & Hudson into the playroom to wrestle with Daddy so I can have a break. I will probably get a few less showers this week, and I can guarantee the boys will get a few less baths, but we will survive!

Here is a video clip of Brody talking. (Luckily Brandon didn't take the video camera) I'll post pictures later.