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Sunday, April 28, 2013

My kiddos

Here's some random things that have been going on with my 3 kids lately...

My dad bought Porter & Hudson each a singlet on their wrestling trip this year. Hudson has loved wearing his! But he decided he needed bigger muscles so he added some:)

Brody just being cute!

Whenever the boys go outside to play now-a-days, this is what I see...
All 3 of them without shirts on! Must be a guy thing!

Brody still sleeps with a blankie covering his head:)

Stake conference. Need I say more? If you want to torture little boys, make them sit quietly in hard chairs in the dark for two hours! Torture I say! And torture for the parents, too! This is why we let Brody pretend he was a monkey for a few minutes...

And let all 3 of them run up & down the stairs a few times. The only way to keep all of us sane!

We broke out our swim pool & sprinkler for under the trampoline last week for the first time! We've been lovin' this summer-like weather!

Hudson gave his very first talk in Primary today! He practiced a lot and did an object lesson where he built this tower out of cups & then got to knock it over. He did an awesome job!

After church, Brody decided he wanted to run around naked! We kept putting his diaper on but a few minutes later, we would see him running around in his birthday suit! One time, we hadn't seen Brody for awhile, so Brandon went looking for him. This is how he found him...
In our bathroom going potty! He went pee without us even encouraging him to! Ummmm... is that a SUBTLE hint that you are ready to be potty trained, Brody??? :)

Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Perfect Day...

For the zoo! We went yesterday after preschool because we are talking about zoo animals in preschool! The weather was perfect! And we liked that Brandon took off work & came with us:)

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Brody Update

When Brody went in for his 2 year check-up in January, his Dr. recommended he start speech therapy because he's still not talking much. I agreed it was time to let a professional step in & help him. I got an appt. for Feb. to do a two hour evaluation to see if he qualified for speech therapy. He did qualify (not a surprise!) and a speech therapist has been coming to our house twice a month since March. We are going to get this kid talking! Talking or not, we sure do love him & his personality!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Play Ball!

Porter & Hudson both wanted to play ball this year. Hudson's on a t-ball team. Porter's on a coach-pitch team. Both are doing awesome & having a ton of fun!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Fish, Octopus, & Sharks! Oh My!

Since I was teaching about ocean animals in preschool this week, I decided we needed to go see the real things at the aquarium! My kiddos LOVE feeding all the animals & fish! They love the aquarium!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter & other fun!

We have been enjoying the beautiful weather we have been having! I got the bucket of homemade bubbles out & let my kids go wild! Literally, they did! Brody ended up IN the bucket:)

On Saturday, we headed over to the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival. It seriously couldn't have been a better day!

The kiddos participated in their egg hunt. I took Brody.

And Brandon watched over Porter & Hudson.

They all had fun & all of them ended up with a good basket of eggs.

They all loved the duck races!

And I loved taking pictures of my cute kids in the tulip fields!

When we got home from the tulip festival, we had an Easter party at our house! Grandma, Mike, Jen, Morgan & Jordyn came over.
Brody would not leave the Easter cupcakes alone that Grandma made:)
Grandma did an egg hunt for the grandkids.

Brody found one egg, got the treat out of it & then wasn't interested in the rest of the egg hunt:)

Grandma did her yearly tradition of fishing for Easter.
I think she forgot it wasn't Christmas, because all the kids made a haul!
Cute outfits & lots of fun toys! My boys were in 7th Heaven!
On Sunday morning, we did their Easter baskets because they were getting their Easter outfits & quiet books for church.

Each of the boys got a movie...
Porter & Hudson got an Iron Man paper airplane book.
And each of them got their own water bottle.
Then we just had fun! Brody & daddy looked at the new I-Spy book.
And Porter & Hudson had fun playing with their paper airplanes.

Then we did a special Easter lesson. Brandon & I wanted to focus on the real meaning of Easter before church, so the Easter Bunny didn't leave an egg hunt until after church. It was really nice to go to church on that note.

After the Easter lesson, we colored eggs using kool aid! (Thank you

My handsome 3

Off to church!
While we were at church, the Easter Bunny came to our house! As soon as the kids got out of the van, the hunting started!

Then  we built our first fire of the year & roasted hot dogs for dinner. It was sooooo fun!

And on another note...
Brandon found Hudson like this a few days ago. Both Porter & Hudson (and one of the neighbor boys!) got into the charcoal from the fire pit & decided they wanted to be black spider man, so they colored their bodies with the charcoal.
Oh Boy! There's never a dull moment here with 3 of them!

And one last thing, last night we went to a Mexican restaurant because I was not in the mood to cook dinner. (That's been happening a lot lately. The joys of being in the yucky stage of pregnancy!)
Anyways, Brody grabbed a whole bowl of salsa & with one chip, started shoveling the salsa into his mouth! I had no idea he had such a love for salsa! He's two for heaven's sake! What a nut:)